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Diego Rojas Rey


I am an NYC based photographer. 


Passionate for traveling ever since my parents took me on my first international trip to Disney back in the '80s. I love adventure, I love going on assignment to remote and beautiful destinations, and I love exploring urban areas either big or small to capture the essence of the people that inhabit them. I thrive with the challenge of getting the hard-to-get shots and of heading into the unknown in search of a story.

With extensive experience in travel, lifestyle, interiors, and portrait photography, I have produced content for Navitime Travel, Shifteast, Expedia, and local governments in Japan promoting their cities' culture and touristic attractions. Through the work in Japan, I drove over 12.000 km to photograph all 47 prefectures in Japan, and doing so, got a truly in-depth look at the Japanese lifestyle, traditions, and countless off-the-beaten-path locations. I have lived and work in Colombia, Canada, Argentina, Japan, and the USA.


I take a lot of pleasure in capturing unrehearsed moments around the world but I also enjoy creating my own stories. I hope that through my work a new place or cultural perspective can be discovered by a traveler. My photographs have been published by Vogue France, Financial Times, The Guardian, CNBC, The Chicago Tribune, among others.

When not traveling, event photography keeps me busy. Past clients have included Lenovo, DHL, Nikki Beach, The Patch Project, and KPMG.


My work can also be found at EyeEm.



New York City, USA.














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Diego Rojas Rey- All Rights Reserved

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